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Robyn L. MacLennan: Body & Soul Wellness owner (since 1994), mother, biokineticist, entrepreneur and dancing teacher. Robyn found her purpose through her passion to return water to its original state of purity and nourishment. Through many years of in-depth research and study, Robyn has been inspired by many revolutionary scientists, and the incredible innovations that have emerged as a result of their collective work. After witnessing Dr. Maseru Emoto’s proof that water has a powerful photographic memory, Robyn was inspired to create Solé Water- the first structured, energized and alkalinized bottled water. Robyn was ecstatic when her research led her to solé (so-lay), the “mother-soup,” the source of all life. As she continued to study, so her excitement grew alongside her knowledge. “Simply perfect, solé is the precise combination of pure crystal salt and structured water. This Himalayan Crystal Salt is what gives Solé Water its 84 trace elements” enthuses MacLennan. “It is so deeply rooted in the foundation for the creation of life, where new life begins in the womb – amniotic fluid is pure solé!” Robyn is fascinated by the myriad health benefits offered by sole, a recipe as old as time. In fact, she’s amazed that until now, it’s only been made at home by a handful of individuals: “I immediately saw a gap in the market – a deep need for pure and nourishing revitalised, ready to drink water.” “Water is our most valuable and precious resource on earth – drink it, you will love it!” – Robyn MacLennan.

Please see a thought provoking presentation below about the importance of water preservation

Letter written in 2070
by Ria Ellwanger and Lopez Chavez Ariel Alahin
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