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A Touch of love, Joy & ProsperityA beautiful crystal word message is placed on every Solé Water bottle

Solé Water™ must undergo a 10 stage process to be transformed into the living tonic we bring to you:

1. Water is filtered by 8 stage reverse osmosis
2. UV light provides further cleansing
3. High speed distillation provides further cleansing and cleaning
4. The water is enhanced by ultrasonic sound resonance at the specific frequency of 528 Hz
5. Light energy is used to restore the crystalline formation of the water
6. An ion exchange chamber is used to de-ionise the water, removing any final traces of impurities
7. All negative memories are then removed by exposing the water to a magnetic vortex implosion
8. A pH enhancer ensures the alkalinity of the water
9. Specifically chosen classical music is used to enhance the crystalline formation of the water
10. The essential electrolytes and minerals are then added in the form of Himalayan crystal salt- completing this structured, energised and alkalinised water

Vision & Mission

Solé Water™ Vision Statement

Our vision is for every person, animal and plant to drink and experience Solé Water and consequently feel inspired and uplifted physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. To feel on each of these levels the promise from Solé Water to REVIVE, RESTORE, & RENEW™.

Solé Water™ Mission Statement

Solé Water to become the global drinking water of choice for every home and business Solé Water was borne out of a world-wide need to restore life's most precious resource to pure structured water as nature intended Solé Water brings to light the many secrets, messages and unlimited properties living water holds Solé Water embarks to educate: only clean and then revitalised water hydrates and heals

Solé Water™ Video Explanation

This showcases the difference between Solé Water and regular water

Pure Liquid Energy


Solé Water™ – Pure Water, The Way It Was Meant To Be.

As consumers we are bombarded with instructions to drink 6 – 8 glasses of water a day. What if these glasses of supposedly purified water are actually chemical concoctions, scientifically constructed to look appetising, taste refreshing and promise good health, but are the complete opposite? Would we still gulp it down with gusto? We all do, even if it is purified water that comes out the tap or bottle. The quality of drinking water presents a rising concern for cities across the globe. Continually, features expose irregularities in the purification of water and contaminants found in public water supplies. These exposés by respected journalists and magazine channels condemn public systems responsible for the purification of water. In addition, epidemic scares and warning labels about the quality of public purified water are common in many supposed 1st world cities. So, how can we be sure that what we are sold as “natural and pure water” is in fact so natural or pure? The fact is we cannot be sure that we are drinking pure water. Tests have shown that most purified bottled water is not much better than what is available in the taps. For bottled water that is as pure as it was meant to be, contact us today. For tap water, mineral water, spring water or any other water to be considered pure water it would have to undergo complete purification. This “miracle” purification process is required for water to regain its original properties, to be cleansed from all impurities and negative influences (water has the most powerful photographic memory), to be re-charged with the 84 elements that our bodies need. This purified water is infused with salt crystals proven to be 250 million years old from unspoilt areas such as the Himalayan Mountains. The result is no longer water, it's Solé Water, a tonic for the body and soul. "Water has a memory and carries with it our thoughts and prayers. As you yourself are water, no matter where you are, your prayers will be carried to the rest of the world" Dr. Maseru Emoto

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