Solé Water™ Flows….Personalised Branded Water!

Personalised branded water is becoming a number 1 trend and “must have” within the corporate and private sector. Solé Water™ specialises in professional custom branding on a variety of bottle sizes and shapes and including glass and plastic bottles. Sole Water now has a new dedicated page for all your branding requirements. Sole Water will happily design your label complimentary until you are fully satisfied to go to print. Our talented graphic artist will combine all your requirements alongside Sole Water details, ingredients box, endorsements etc. There is no greater advertising platform for your company than an LSM 9 personalised branded water bottle. It ticks all the boxes of health and wellness, care for staff (staff beverage is a tax deduction,) events, conferences and the list goes on for a striking awareness within your company. The myriad of benefits includes a cutting edge “crop above the rest!” Requirements for personalised branded water are as follows: -- High-resolution company logo
- Company slogan if you choose
- Contact and web details if you choose
- Pantone colours required for perfect match
- A barcode supplied to you if you so require
- Plenty of samples available on sizes
- A variety of cap colours as well as specially made up coloured caps
For printing of personalised labels to be cost effective, the higher the number of labels, the price reduces drastically. For on-going orders, it is advisable to purchase extra stock that Sole Water will hold for you in order to gain from the reduced pricing. However, small or large orders are all welcome! If it is a small wedding or a concert, Sole Water will provide you with the purest quality drinking water and an admired, unique personalised label.
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Sole Water is the leading specialist in and you can be guaranteed of our quality and professionalism at all times! Sole Water is becoming the leading brand in complete purity and quality of drinking water. Monthly tests are submitted to an outside laboratory and are always available on request. Please call me today 011 056-8747 or and we can design your personalisedbrandedwater to perfection! Infused With Love, Robyn (C.E.O/ founder) Purchase Via